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Valuation Expert
Find out the true value of your practice

When it’s time to sell your dental practice, you want to make sure that you can get a value that you truly deserve. Planning an exit strategy well before the time has come will help you capitalise on the life time of the goodwill that you have created without any attrition.

Valuation reports can be useful right at the start of the process for the seller, where it can help the seller decide on the right asking price for his practice, before it is put up for sale.

It can also be useful to the buyer at the bidding/ negotiations stage, to help the buyer gauge that he is paying a fair price for the practice he is about to purchase.

Our Goodwill Valuation Expert at Doctor Estate, uses a combination of the Capitalised Earning Method and DCF method, taking factors such as Location, Competition and Market Data Comparison to derive a fair value which can form a baseline guide for the sellers and buyers to negotiate.

Our Property Valuation Appraiser will provide a transparent and unbiased report of the true value of the tangible assets.


What does this report include?


Market Data Comparison


Occupancy of surgeries/chairs or beds


Future earning projections


Negotiation baseline guide