Doctor Estate

Frequently Asked Questions: Buyers

Patient retention and practice goodwill depends on how well the sale process and in turn the transition in handled by both parties concerned. We at Doctor Estate endeavor a smooth transition to ensure maximum retention of goodwill. We also help you create robust legal contracts to ensure that the seller is motivated post sale completion and introduces you to his patients in a way to maintain the goodwill.

Doctor Estate is a platform where you can find established practices with stable patient base, consistent annual turnover with verifiable profit margins, local reputation, and a fully trained staff.  You will find opportunities where an established dental surgeon with years of experience and a stellar local reputation is happy to help you transition into their practice safeguarding your good will. Also keep an eye for clinics where successful practitioners are looking to sell their established set ups due to reasons like moving abroad, personal commitments rather quickly at a discounted goodwill.  Let us help propel your careers and put you straight into the fifth gear with a safety harness through seamless practice acquisitions.