Doctor Estate

Our Story

The idea struck when Yash and Nikhil first met over a pint of beer many years after school in London. Yash was in the middle of buying his first practice in Bucks UK and Nikhil had just started his ITI scholarship in St.Georges. Nikhil was amazed at how most medical professionals in UK don’t start a squat practice due to the initial teething issues but buy into existing practices with a steady patient flow and system in place. He was also amazed at how organised the transitions were, when they exchanged hands without any loss of goodwill due to the robust nature of legal contracts defining the roles for both the buyers and sellers post sales.

They shared the idea of creating a brokering portal with our better halves and they were quickly onboard. Shivika often worried about her opthal father’s legacy not being passed onto a worthy successor and was determined to see our vision through. Neha with her accounting background was a great asset in streamlining the complex valuations process and creating a structure which would serve both senior and junior Indian doctors’ transition.

As dentists working in the industry for several years, we noticed an enormous need for a process that would enable medical professionals like ourselves to easily find and invest in a medical practice that had a longstanding legacy and great goodwill. We also observed that a lot of practice owners were unable to formulate an exit plan that would give them the right value for an empire they had spent years, and sometimes decades, building. At Doctor Estate, we want to streamline this process and make it easier for these practitioners to align with buyers that share their values and philosophies and mediate the entire deal to ensure a smooth-sailing transition of ownership.

Our Team