Doctor Estate

Dr Shivika Shah

A general dental surgeon herself, Shivika has been a co-owner of an esteemed dental practice in London with her husband Yash since 2017. Both of them have also recently taken on the role of dental foundation trainers and help in training young and aspiring dentists to practice under the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. She also has a keen interest in short-term orthodontics and a Platinum Invisalign Provider. She is currently pursuing her PG certification in Dental Eduation.


Shivika had dreamt of following in her father’s footsteps of adding the ‘Dr.’ prefix in front of her name since she was a little girl. Her ambition was to become a dentist and work alongside her father by expanding his ophthalmic practice in Mumbai into a dual ophthalmic-dental setup. However, destiny had other plans; and Shivika ended up moving to London in 2010. Despite knowing it was the right move for her to do so, the thought of her father’s legacy always played on her mind, knowing that his legacy would end as soon as he stopped practising medicine. 


Having seen her father build his legacy from the ground up in 1993 and then expand it into two flourishing practices over the years, the thought of this legacy going to waste didn’t sit right with her. So, when Yash and Nikhil came up with the idea of Doctor Estate, Shivika hopped on board with great enthusiasm and joy at the prospect of finding a suitable successor for her father’s two ophthalmic surgeries, and helping many other medical practitioners who were possibly in the same boat. For her, Doctor Estate is an extremely personal and emotional venture, one that she wishes to see through with great success.