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In Mumbai, our experienced team will help you with an end to end service right from listing your practice to the day you hand the keys to your successor.

We assist you in understanding the complex facets of selling a practice, including valuation, negotiations, legal due diligence, and financing to help you sell your practice that fits for your needs and specifications. Find the link to the complete process here

Let us help you for your perfect exit and put you straight into the fifth gear with a safety harness through seamless practice sale.

The Sellers' Process

Simply fill in the form, and a member of our sales team will get in touch with you, with a bespoke questionnaire. The questionnaire mentioned will help us to clearly understand the exact nature and structure of your practice.


We will then arrange a complimentary on-site visit at the practice at a date and time convenient to you to understand your expectations from the sale better. On the day of the on-site visit we will tour the practice and gather detailed information in relation to the equipment, fixtures and fittings. We will work with you in preparing a confidential detailed sales prospectus which will highlight the unique elements of your practice, so that we are able to create a lasting impression on the prospective buyers. Our business development manager will brief you about the entire sales process and transparency of the fees involved. We will also discuss the option of getting the practice officially valued by our empanelled valuer to give credibility to your asking price.

If you are happy to appoint Doctor Estate to market and sell your practice, we will send you copies of our contract for you to review and an estimate of our listing fees. We will send you a draft of the sales prospectus for your approval. Once approved, the practice will be anonymously listed on the website and the sales prospectus will be emailed to any  interested buyers on request.

Confidentiality is a key value of Doctor Estate and any prospective buyer must sign a Confidentiality Agreement before receiving the practice details.


Doctor Estate is the first of its kind brokering portal with an ever increasing list of registered buyers looking to acquires esteemed clinics like yours. At doctor estate we believe in confidential proactive marketing to attract the right audience. We market your practice through news letters and our social media handles to serious prospective buyers.


Once we have received some interest from potential buyers, we will notify you and arrange a viewing for them at your practice. You will have the chance to meet the buyer and showcase your clinic and its facilities. You will also have the opportunity to have a constructive conversation with regards to your practice philosophy , practice finance and any pre – sale conditions that you might have and address any questions/concerns the buyer might have. In order to achieve a smooth transition we strongly recommend to communicate with the buyer only through doctor estate after the visit. We act as unbiased mediators  throughout the negotiations to maintain professionalism and decorum during the sales process.


If multiple buyers are interested in your practice, we present all the received offers to you and leave it upto your discretion to choose your successor .


Once the price and terms of the sale have been accepted by the buyer and the yourself, a pre-agreed  amount is paid as deposit by the buyer to secure the sale. A memorandum of understanding consisting of pre-agreed terms and conditions would have to be signed by both parties to commit to the transition and the professional fees agreed be cleared.


You would then be expected to provide all documentation as required by the buyers solicitors, so that they can carry out a thorough due diligence of your practice and prepare a sales deed agreement/lease agreement . You have the option of engaging one of our empanelled solicitors if the need may arise to review the final contracts.


You can now pass on your legacy to your successor with reassurance and faith in knowing that it’s in the right hands.

If you are in need of any legal, tax or investment advice, we can direct you to one of these experts who will also assist you through this process.

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